Julian Flores founded Finca El Bosque in 1932. The 14-hectare extension of land was planted out with Bourbon varietal coffee and grew over the next few years with the purchase of additional land. Julian Flores died in 1947 and his only son, José Eladio Flores, then continued in his father’s footsteps. 1n 1970, Jose bought another 23 hectares planting the same Bourbon coffee varietal. Since his death in 1996, a third generation is now in charge under the direction of José’s widow, Martha Stalla, and their sons Julio, José, Francisco and Mario.

El Bosque farm is located near the capital Guatemala City on a hillside running parallel and a way off from the main road. It may, in future, be jeopardized by urban development but since we have been working with El Bosque prices and returns for the farm have made it a much better going concern and the brothers are very motivated and fascinated by the new world of direct relationship.

Great care is taken to preserve and sustain the local environment. Residual waters from processed coffee are no longer poured into rivers as was the case several years ago but are now used to irrigate the grass. The skin from the coffee is also used to fertilise the plantation. As well as areas dedicated to the cultivation of fine coffee, the farm also has a large area of preserved woodland which is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna.

The owners of the farm were recognized by Asociación Nacional de Café de Guatemala (Anacafe) for their effort in the area of human development and productivity in 2000.

V šálku se dá očekávat chuť mléčné čokolády s velice příjemnou grepovou aciditou.

Pražírna: Has Bean Coffee.

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